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The baggage from your toxic relationships does not define you.
It's time to unpack!

Start healing today with a monthly membership
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✓ COMMUNITY: Every person in this group is dedicated to getting mentally healthy and helping others do the same.

✓ SUCCESS PATH: You will have a success path as soon as you start this journey. This will give you clarity and direction.

✓ GUIDED: This site is guided by me, Lisa, that has been where you are. It's my goal to get you to where I am now.

✓ UPDATED MONTHLY BUNDLES: Every month you will receive a new bundle of a video, workbook, and next steps to keep you on your path.

✓ ARCHIVES: You will have full access to the archives so you will never miss anything when it comes to your growth.

✓ OUR METHOD: Heart-centered critical thinking is a powerful tool that you will be able to take with you throughout your life.

✓ SPECIAL EVENTS: Guest speakers, holiday challenges, webinars, etc, are all inside of this membership.

✓ YOUR TRANSFORMATION: Emotional baggage is too heavy to carry and you will unpack it here. You will learn to live in your truth and never fall victim to toxic people again.

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Learn the art of Heart Centered

Critical Thinking with me, Lisa

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Are you also a survivor of toxic relationships?  Maybe it was your parents, partner, siblings, boss, or anyone else.

Dealing with that leaves scars; mental, emotional and even physical ones.  It's hard to just get on with your life.

I help those seeking to get on with their life by using a simple yet powerful method...heart-centered critical thinking.

Yep!  That's it!  This specialized way of thinking can help you regain your confidence, begin to trust yourself again but most importantly...

it's a tool that, once sharpened, will allow you to never again fall victim to a toxic person.



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Self Serve Training

14-day free trial

Get serious about unpacking your baggage and do it on your own time.


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Group Training

14-day free trial

When you're ready to take your unpacking to the next level and join the Pride.


What I Specialize In

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Resetting Your Thinking Processes

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Setting Real, Relevant and Attainable Goals 

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Creating Healthy Coping Tools for Solid Foundations

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Personalized Success Paths

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Using Logic to Create Real and Lasting Change

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Caring about you and your future

"It is not for you to fix the toxic person.

I know you know this.

But now you must understand it.

There is a difference."

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"Finding Lisa was a blessing I didn't even know I needed. She has supported me and challenged me to accept and love and grow myself like no one has. All with the saltiness and sass that fits me perfectly. She made me feel ok to leave behind the pieces of my past and held up a window to my future. Trust me she is the best!"

- Kelley Thurston

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